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Abandoned Buildings by Blank Wall Gallery

Abandoned Buildings by Blank Wall Gallery

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Closing Deadline: 13 September 2018


Life keeps evolving. People move from one place to another looking for more modern places that will house their needs. The buildings of the past remain empty, standing alone, narrating their stories to anyone who has the time or the mood to listen to them. Each building a different story, yet the same as the final reslult remains the same. Places not serving any purpose any more, left alone to remind people of a different era when things were different from what they are now, to contribute to our knowledge of the past.
We are interested in seeing such abandoned buildings from different parts of the world, each telling its own story. All means accepted.


The artists who will be chosen to participate in the exhibition and be presented at the web page of Blank Wall Gallery, will have to pay the amount of €25, regardless of the number of their photos that will be exhibited.
(The payment can be made through PayPal)

This way, only the photographers who will exhibit their work will pay a small fee for participating in the exhibition. All the other artist will not be charged.

The photographs exhibited at the gallery will be printed at the labs of Blank Wall Gallery free of charge. In case an artist wishes to send us the printed photos, they are free to do it.
The exhibitions organised by Blank Wall Gallery last for 2 weeks and everything needed for the realisation of the exhibition (printing of your photographs on 260 gsm paper, framing, hanging of the photos, press releases, invitations, opening night and supervision) are provided by our gallery without any additional charge.