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Photo Story Contest for

Photo Story Contest for

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Closing Deadline: 31 March 2019


Join the Photo Stories Contest with the overall prize fund of $3,000.
Prove yourself in a new genre of photography that is between photos and cinema!

CINE-BOOKS Platform invite photographers and filmmakers, professional and amateur, to join the Photo Stories Contest!
Our Photo Stories is a photo-comics format with a dynamic plot, charismatic characters, and an unpredictable outcome. The plot is built according to the rules of dramaturgy: the setup – the opposition – the climax – the resolution. The best-suited genres for stories are focused on the young adult (YA) audience. Your story must be unpredictable and out of the ordinary.

Join the Photo Stories Contest January 1 – March 31, 2019 and compete for the Grand Prize of $1,000 and for the nominations “Best Photography”, “Best Plot”, “Best Direction”, and “Users’ Choice”!

Participation is free of charge.
You can join the contest until March 31, 2019!
The winners of the contest will be announced on April 31, 2019!
Create your own Photo Story!


Grand Prize – $1000
The best work according to the Jury’s choice.

Best Photography – $500
Artistic and imaginative visual embodiment.

Best Plot – $500
An original, consistent plot built according to the rules of dramaturgy.

Best Direction – $500
Professional staging and representation of acting within static frames.

Users’ Choice – $500
The best work according to the users voting.

ALL THE WORKS selected by the moderators, with the consent of the authors, will be added after the contest for a paid Premium Channel. Additionally, their authors will get passive income from the views of channel subscribers.


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